LLP «Garant Sport»


August 12, 2017

A great gift for athletes and visitors to the Palace of Sports, named after Baluan Sholak, made our partners LLP «Garant Sport» - manufacturers of sports equipment.

The products consist of a horizontal bar to pull-ups, push-ups for the horizontal bar, beam, wall bars, horizontal bars.

That has become an excellent addition to the active possibilities of the Palace of Sports for the organization of sports leisure for citizens. This new sports ground is the next contribution of the company "Garant Sport" in the popularization of a healthy lifestyle.

Our partner, the company "Garant Sport", offers fitness equipment for streets and home. The range of equipment has various types, such as “Street Workout”, “CrossFit”, “Home Fitness”.

Sports products are environmentally safe, reliable and clearly retain aesthetics and functionality throughout the using period.


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